Friday, March 27, 2009

Eaglenest Health Spa

I don't know how long they've been in operation, but the sign, the location and the name definitely called out to me that this is a male massage parlor with more than propriety in mind. The masseurs are topless when presented to you and the calling card confirms the first impression: invites you to try our young, courteous and good looking hot male masseurs.

Eaglenest is located at 36 E Kamias Road, near K-H Street, in front of Metrobank, Quezon City. Telephone 922-0530.

To sum up the available male massage parlors in Kamias-Kamuning area (in order from east to west of EDSA):

1. Boys of Bora
2. Eaglenest Health Spa
3. Hunk's Touch Tel 433-2396
4. Lightness Spa
5. Mr. Earth Spa
6. Equanimity Spa

The links above are updated. I'm not sure if the websites are.


Gio said...

do you know any male spa in the neighbourhood of edsa shangri la?

Paul said...

Do you know any male spa in Alabang or Makati area? Please. Thanks!