Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cruising in Manila

Manila’s cruising is not far different from other cities in the world. The usual cruising places you’d attempt elsewhere will probably work in Manila.

1.     Gyms

Gyms are a hot bet of gay cruising. Some cruise without hesitation, only to get in trouble with management if caught or if the object of the cruise is not gay and terribly offended. Fitness First and Slimmers World are the two largest chain gyms in Manila. You’ll find Fitness First in some of the busiest malls. Slimmers World was the first chain of fitness centers though you will not find them at malls but at the fringes or right next to a mall. Gold’s Gym has few branches in select malls. Don’t be surprised even if the no name gym next to corner store can be a cruising spot.

2.     Cinemas

 This does not refer to gay cinemas but mainstream movie houses. In the evening screenings, particularly the last show, you’ll notice lots of guys walking around, standing near the cinema doors or in the hallways and walk ups, or going in and out of the rest rooms. The larger cinema houses are obviously more opportunistic of cruising. Noted cruisy cinemas are the SM Malls like Megamall, North Edsa and Sta. Mesa, and Robinsons Malls like Galleria and Ermita. Particularly, Robinsons Galleria has a cinema that exclusively screens independent films, most of which are patronized by the art and gay public. It gets relatively crowded when a “gay indie” is on schedule.

3.     Public Restrooms

Take a pee and you might just get off. The restrooms in the MRT/LRT and in the malls are notorious. Public restrooms in office buildings in Makati are also known for cruising, particularly Enterprise Center on Ayala Avenue. Gateway Mall in Cubao has a huge restroom in the cinema level, which is always crowded. Well, the other restrooms in this mall are for pay, but that is just one reason. Take a pee in a urinal there and watch as the man in the next urinal attempt to take a peek at your wad.

4.    Malls

Filipinos like malls because it free air conditioning and clean restrooms. Aside from the cinema and the restroom, you can just cruise the mall. Notice those who stand or rest on railings that circle the escalators or overlook the atrium or activity center or to the lower floors. How about those that shop in the underwear section of Bench? They might just be cruising just like you.

More in future posts.

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