Saturday, October 11, 2008

Freelance Masseurs

Numerous freelance masseurs advertise their services on the net, in e-groups and in blogs. There are two blogs you can check out, The Inner Circle and Spaquarium. Both have pics and contact numbers of the freelance masseur of your choice. The former has a listing of various massage parlors in Metro Manila. Just be careful of meeting up with a masseur not connected with any spa or massage clinic. Some of them could be hustlers or could cheat you out of an agreement. In both websites, they seem to have the same listing of masseurs (even the same series of pics) so it seems that both sites might be run by the same individual. I notices though that the masseurs featured are those that have been advertising their service for quite sometime. It might be safe to assume that these masseurs are, uhm, safe. No guarantee on their looks and service quality. Web pics can be deceiving and service ratings are subjective. Proof is that most masseurs get mixed reviews.

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da said...

How can i be invited on those two sites? Please invite me. Thanks